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Similar quality radio automation software cost 3 or 4 digit amounts. Eternity is free!
Dear friends,

I have spent many sleepless nights, testing, debugging and integrating new features inside Eternity and I consider Eternity a part of my life. However, the cost of development software licences, equipment and web hosting have become a burden that I can't manage alone any more. Having started a family recently and working as a web developer I have little (if no) time to support Eternity. So, if you want to help me your donation is gratefully appreciated!

Kind Regards,
Theodoros Folias

Donation Credits
Thank you Tania Ramos, Jasmina Nadj!
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VERSION 1.9.4 (~9.5MB)
This is the latest fully functional version of Eternity.

Eternity is FREE both for personal and commercial use.

If you use Eternity for commercial reasons you are required to provide a link in your website pointing to
stating: Powered by Eternity Radio Automation Suite.

You don't have to, but if you like this software and make money from its commercial use I would appreciate a donation.

You agree to download and use Eternity software "as is". Due to my limited resources I can't provide technical support or integrate new features. Please help me change this.